Arlington Wealth Planning Provides Fiduciary, Fee-only, Financial Planning and Consulting Services

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Have the peace of mind to make financial decisions.

Arlington Wealth Planning (AWP) provides financial planning services to individuals and families to help evaluate their financial position and plan for the cost and timing of future goals.

CFP Board’s Code and Standards define Financial Planning as “a collaborative process that helps maximize a Client’s potential for meeting life goals through Financial Advice that integrates relevant elements of the Client’s personal and financial circumstances.”

During the AWP financial planning process, we evaluate your financial health and develop strategies to improve.  We dive into your assets and liabilities to assess your current net worth. We assess your cost of living and tax situation to develop debt management strategies and forecast your retirement income needs.  With all this information, we will develop cash flow projections and determine the timing of goals throughout your plan.

The AWP financial planning process yields numerous artifacts:
  • Over 15 working documents that provide analysis and information resulting from our collaboration throughout the process
  • A summary of the financial planning engagement, showing dates of meetings, topics discussed, and artifacts generated
  • A summary of all recommendations made throughout the process
  • A report showing the results of Monte Carlo simulations, cash flow projections, and scenarios.

Our pricing provides flexibility to work with us on individual topics, end-to-end planning, or ongoing consulting

We have the following pricing packages:
  • Hourly – Want to work through individual topics with a planner?  The hourly package could be the most flexible way to engage, paying per meeting or hour of analysis.  Estimates are provided up front – no surprises.  $281/hr
  • Fixed Price – This option provides the full financial planning process of data gathering, analysis, and recommendation.  It culminates in a written financial plan.  Costs depend on the complexity of your circumstances, typically ranging from $3,034 to $6,742, with a limit of hours not to exceed.
  • Retainer – Planning by retainer is best for someone who wants to have recurring access to a financial planner to address ad hoc needs as they arise, currently priced at $6,742 per year.

Note that these financial planning services do not include asset management (see investment management service page for more detail).

Please see our Form ADV on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website for the most up to date rate information.