We are a fee-only service, which means we don't make commissions.  This puts us on the same side of the table with clients and prevents conflicts of interests related to the recommendation of products that pay higher commissions. We take an objective view to recommend the best products and approaches based solely on client needs.

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Financial Plan

For individual financial planning services, we like to start off on the right foot by evaluating your current financial situation and putting together a plan to achieve your goals.  This establishes a baseline for action and measuring progress every year.  We follow the industry standard, as published by the CFP Board, which follows these steps:

  1. Establishing the relationship and the scope of work – specifically discussing what you’d like to achieve through financial planning, so that we can ensure we are on the right path from the start
  2. Gathering information – gather information that will be critical in determining your financial future. This includes  information such as types of accounts, account balances, dependents, and information about other assets.  But it also includes a discussion of your aspirations, goals, and priorities.  We discuss your financial history and provide guidance on any roadblocks you have been experiencing.
  3. Analyzing the information – we apply a rigorous process to analyze the information that you have provided. This includes an analysis of your current situation and net worth, risk to achieving your goals, investment risk tolerance, capital needs, cash flow and investment approaches, goal attainment strategies, taxes, and forecasts, among other aspects.
  4. Building the plan – we assemble the information and work with you to finalize a plan.
  5. Implementing the plan – assist you in implementing the actions and creating the necessary portfolio of investments, as necessary.
  6. Reviewing and monitoring progress – review and monitor your progress against your plan. We look at every client as a long-term relationship and a partnership in your journey to achieving your goals.

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Portfolio Management

To implement your financial plan, we will establish a portfolio of assets, developing a diversified and flexible investment strategy with access to a wide variety of investment choices, including:

  • Listed and Over-the-Counter (OTC) equities and ADRs
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Closed-End Funds
  • Over 15,000 mutual funds
  • Over 6,500 No Transaction Fee mutual funds
  • No-load mutual funds
  • Load-waived mutual funds invested at Net Asset Value (NAV) (front-end, back-end and dual-load shares also)
  • Fixed income, including bonds and Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Options
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
  • Precious Metals
  • Service on many variable annuities and insurance products (Not in all states)
  • Separately Managed Account services

As part of this service, we will develop a portfolio and then monitor it to provide regular rebalancing.  We will also continuously evaluate the account to identify when significant changes occur in the underlying assets, such as style drift or management changes, which may warrant changing the investments.  We also assess required minimum distributions and manage strategies for withdrawal during retirement.

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Retirement Plans

Our goal is to provide a better retirement plan. To do this, we have assembled an award-winning team that has decades of experience with record keeping, administration, and investment policy management.  We couple this with advisory services that provide regular and recurring touch points with the participants so that we can provide value through ongoing financial education.

Whether you are starting your own company and want to implement a corporate retirement plan or you have an existing plan and are unhappy with the service you are getting, call us today to discuss the services we provide.  For existing plans, we run an industry diagnostic to determine how your plan stacks up.  We also run a side-by-side comparison between your plan and ours -  All with no obligation.

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Tax Preparation

We will work with you to evaluate your tax situation, prepare, and submit your U.S. tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you are also a financial planning client, we will work with you every year to evaluate your withholdings and develop tax-related actions.

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